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Who are we and What we do?


The growth:
The Shoe Laundry, started from one small locality and very soon was in demand across the entire city and the demand has only been growing. Due to the overwhelming demand for our franchise across the country, we have invested considerable amount of time and efforts in fine tuning all the process to develop a cost effective, standardized, thoroughly tested and profitable franchise model.

Ready market:
The Shoe Laundry is considered as one of the most innovative and unique business ideas of all time by all leading management institutes, business magazines, business minds, newspapers and news channels.

There is no competition in this sector. There are very few business opportunities and services out there today that can make this claim.

Law of demand and supply:
Huge demand & gap in this kind of service, in terms of type of service, quality of service and the type of problems we are able to address.
Unlimited business potential. Millions of footwear need to be serviced across the country year after year.

Low start-up investment:
Minimal start up investment required compared to other businesses with similar returns. Some businesses require a much higher investment for same returns.
We are the pioneers of this business and have sincerely invested a lot of time and effort in order to develop such an amazing service. Our knowledge and expertise in this business is incomparable.

The opportunity:
The business is a year round business with a marginal variation once a year.

Robust business model:
You will have access to all the techniques, processes and methods that have been developed over many years of actually doing it personally.

We will be providing you and your staff detailed and comprehensive training in all washing techniques and repair methods that have been developed and perfected by us.

Your business is protected due to the exclusivity of this knowledge, since only our franchisees will be privy to our techniques, methods and processes.

ZERO Commission Policy on all equipment, tools, interior fittings, repair materials and consumable purchased for start-up and there after.

Since the service is offered to the customer through pick-up and delivery, no prime property is required.

Low infrastructure cost since it’s a workshop based business that need not be in a prime location with high rentals or upkeep costs.

The workshop layout plan is designed keeping functionality and ergonomics and labors health and comfort in mind.

No contractual constraints on franchisee to buy all consumables from franchiser and buy at best price so their operating cost can reduce and profit margins increase.

Franchisee is not required to buy anything in excessive quantities and block funds in stocks and inventory.

The profit margins are very good with 50% and above.

Payment is received immediate on delivery of service and no waiting period is involved.

Customer Base of just a few thousand customers needed to run a profitable franchise.

The royalty fee is a very reasonable amount and with absolutely no royalty to be paid for the first 3 months.

A business with positive environmental effect.

Exclusive territory to operate.

No lock in period in franchise agreement.



The Vision


“To make footwear hygiene and shoe care a part of every Individual's lifestyle by making Shoe Vival available to every customer at every corner of the country.”

Sandeep Gajakas,
Founder, The Shoe Laundry and ShoeVival


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